SeasideBlogs Guests Biography/Interview. February 2019.

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4) What positive inspirations in your life, make you smile? * 2 sentences max please, for this question.

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New! SeasideBlogs Biographies blogs!

New as of tonight!:)

All artist/guests blogs are now 1 paragraph max, biographies! Including two artist/guest photos, plus artist/guest contact/business information.

Short, simple, powerful; articles of inspiring people!

New changes: I’m going to be gathering information from artists/guests, to create the 1 paragraph biographies, therefore I unfortunately will not be doing written interviews or music reviews in the blogs.

I will be hosting new broadcasting Skype/or Social Media Livestreams interviews with artists/guests, for SeasideBlogs fans to join in the live chat & fun, meet special blog guests!

My goal is to design shorter blogs, and write more of them, more often.

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The Bicycle Thieves band/ Music Review 2019.

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Writing inspirational real life people/ island stories, snapping Nature/Beach photos; capturing creative heartwarming Articles/Interviews/Webcams/Podcasts/Photographs. ~Natalie Ogilvie. 💙🏝🤳🏼🌊⭐️🇨🇦

Welcome to SeasideBlogs!

I am thrilled to introduce you to a band, I heard about, a few years ago!

A band whose musicians are magnificently talented, at the young ages of 19 and 20 year olds!

The drummer kinda looks like me! He’s my younger British cousin! Welcome Josh!

This band has a great mixed sound of Alternative indie vibe with British Rock accents!

Please welcome


Band information:

They were all born and raised around the town of Matlock near Nottingham in Derbyshire U.K

Bicycle Thieves’ musical influences:  Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, The Strypes, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Royal Blood, Foo Fighters, The Amazons, The Sherlocks, The Libertines, plus many more bands.


* Note: to listen to the two Bicycle Thieves songs, please use this link.


A short song with high energy right from the beginning. Drums and Bass, are in rhythm with each other, as the guitar is on pitch with the lead vocals. Very important when writing quality music!

Upbeat, dancing song! Catchy, original, and a tune that would be perfect in the car on long road trips!

Lead vocals is pleasant to listen to! Lyrics are well written, and sounds similar to bands: The Killers, and The Arkells.

Overall, a brillant song for any playlist! I highly recommend buying this song, to continue your year off on a good note!


A fantastic beat, chill vibe song. Oasis fans will love the guitar riffs in this track!

Excellent produced piece! Lots of instruments playing at different times, which again to my review of BACK AGAIN, another well done music composition!

I could easily listen to this song on replay and not get bored with hearing this single again and again!

The drumming is my favourite in this song…..I instantly want to dance! Awesome beats, cousin Josh!

The Bicycle Thieves, have definitely improved in their sound, their rhythm, and their music! Amazing work, guys!


The Bicycle Thieves would like to Thank their music fans for their support!

Natalie/SeasideBlogs, wants to Thank her blog readers, for reading, sharing, and following her blogging journey/articles!

“Noticing the small things in life, and creating huge stories to share!”

 ” Sharing Coastal/life stories!”

~Natalie Ogilvie.

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Upcoming Music Artists article Showtime! TBA!!

Stay tuned any day now, to SeasideBlogs first

#music #Artists Showtime! This was an article that was to be released at LatteBlogs, as we changed to SeasideBlogs! A continuation update from a previous posted article!

Artists are a surprise! Find out who these #British musicians are, in our upcoming #Showtime #article release on #SocialMedia! TBA #Blogs

Currently only a few previously posted music artists articles, will be shared at SeasideBlogs, until late spring. We are introducing new #stories and themes/articles until then.

Who’s excited? Thanks for sharing! Natalie 💙🏝🌊🎶⭐️🇨🇦🤳🏼