New! SeasideBlogs Biographies blogs!

New as of tonight!:)

All artist/guests blogs are now 1 paragraph max, biographies! Including two artist/guest photos, plus artist/guest contact/business information.

Short, simple, powerful; articles of inspiring people!

New changes: I’m going to be gathering information from artists/guests, to create the 1 paragraph biographies, therefore I unfortunately will not be doing written interviews or music reviews in the blogs.

I will be hosting new broadcasting Skype/or Social Media Livestreams interviews with artists/guests, for SeasideBlogs fans to join in the live chat & fun, meet special blog guests!

My goal is to design shorter blogs, and write more of them, more often.

Biography blog information, going out this week to artists/guests for!!

All previous articles that were written for CountryNatBlogs and LatteBlogs, will now be following this new 2019 blog design.

Thank You for understanding and supporting!

Who’s excited to see who’s coming to SeasideBlogs!?

Natalie 💙🏝⭐️🤳🏼👩🏻‍💻


    • SeasideBlogs says:

      Thank You Mike! I have a fabulous list of inspirational people and their positive stories of celebrating life, every day! I’m so excited to share the Biographies with you! Stay tuned. Natalie.


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